Friday, July 19, 2013

Things things things!

I've been pretty busy as of late! I've been working on small freelance projects, and also trying to learn new programs! I also recently decided that I really enjoyed the scripting/TD type work I did at Ringling, and that in order to be able to better peruse that area properly I need a computer science degree! So, I'm going to start working on that!(Not to say that I am not still looking for work; I plan to pursue this degree no matter where my career takes me. Yay for night classes!) 

Here are a few things I've worked on recently.

A birthday dillo for Lindsey :D

So, this is an unfinished project I was working on for a local Catholic school/church. The project ended up being scrapped so I never really finished  They wanted to see what I had done, for compensation purposes, so I did a quick slap together composite. The flowers and shrubs are paint effects. I modeled everything else, and lit it in Mental Ray(first time using it!) 

Ideally, I would have liked to do a lot more work on this. The textures were never finished(Uhg, don't look at that slapped on stone ground!) and also there were still some modeling things to be done and lighting.. and compositing. Haha, I was rushing to finish those benches the night before. I had grand plans of making them more fancy. Oh well, it was good practice!

The project was to create a walkway to the front of the school and have a seating area featuring the old bell that used to hang in the bell tower. So you can see the pic of the bell that I used for reference, and a second pic to match the stone and brick that is in the back of the building.


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  2. Hi Kate!

    My name is Dulce Resillas, I´m musician and I come from Mexico City. I´ve seen your short movie called Día de los muertos on Vimeo and it´s great. I have to say that is a great job and the reason of this message is that I was looking for a Short with a license Creative Commons 3.0 (CC BY 3.0) to present it at the `music composition for film´. I would like to ask you for permission to use it to this contest. I will compose new music for your animated film, only with your permission.
    My classmates are doing the same than I and if you want I´ll send you a friend´s letter that she got with another animated film. That´s the only thing I need to participate to the contest.

    Thank you for your attention, support and I hope your comments.

    Greetings from Mexico

    Dulce R