Friday, June 21, 2013

Dia de los Muertos!

Art from my collaborative thesis "Dia de los Muertos"!
These top two drawings are more recent and were done for our kickstarter

And look! Pre-Pre-Production work!

These two drawings were done junior year at Ringling when we were first developing the very core of our story! It changed A LOT from these drawings to the final story. (and a good thing too!)      


And for fun, here is a still from the film! This is from a shot that gave me a lot of trouble. Rendering it took 10(ish) computers running all 16 of their cores to get it to not crash! God bless the Ringling IT for helping me set that up!

The animation of the shot belongs to Lindsey St. Pierre and the layout was done by Ashley Graham. Lighting, compositing, set dressing and a huge portion of the prop creation and texturing were done by me. The upperworld in our film is sort of my baby. I poured countless all nighters into it to try to get it just right! It was fun and painful all at once! :D

And while we still can't upload the entire film yet because of festival regulations, here is a teaser clip

Also, our film had the wonderful honor of receiving the Gold at the Student Academy Awards for 2013! 


  1. Congratulations Kate! Our post about it:

    1. Wow thank you so much for posting about it!! :D